Monday, April 11, 2011

Srilankan girls photos

These Sri Lankan girls are wearing short, and make others hot. Wonder why
these legs are beautiful than foriegners.

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  1. Could you please remove these ugly photos from the web.. we don't know why these photots of SL girls with bikini wear are published at all. first of all it's not good for SL. 2ndly SL girls are too ugly for bikinies. these kinds of pictures with bikini girls & half dressed girls are not good for SL.

  2. First of all Please remove these photos from the web, since these also comes up.
    These pictures are headed as Sinhala. But it's showing smiling TAMIL girls
    posing half naked in front of a foreigner. None of these tamils are innocent.
    They re out siders to the country who try to gisgrace and humiliate the country
    internationally, every second. Please note that SL Tamils are the lowerest cast
    tamils coming from India, who's cry's had never been heard by the Tamil nadhu
    before the war. Due to their low virtures, they had been pupports of the Vitican
    church and Tamil nadhu for decades. Catholic leadership headed LTTE had started
    the war as per the instructions of the catholic Church/Vatican, which also
    funded their War for 2 decades. These tamils can be brain washed to do any thing
    and they are ready to follow all the instructions of th...e Tamil nadhu and the
    Church till now. As I've heard recently the Church (especially the Vitican) and
    few western countries are working hard to Disgrace and Humiliate the Sinhalese
    people (due to them being Theravadhi buddishts).So now They are using their
    usuall pupports/the TAMILS to achive their purpose of publishing naked and
    bikini worn girls (publishing it as Sinhala naked or Bikini worn girls in the
    internet: there are so many in the internet which need to be deleted asap: Some
    indian tamils are even posing in Bikinis, naked or half naked). Here in this
    picture these Tamil girls are posing naked to a foreighner on their own consent.
    ( smiling rather than being used forcefully). So these tamil girls may have
    received instructions from their International LTTE. (They obey all the orders
    due to their class system: all the SL Tamils can even do suicide bombing if
    given instructions). Since this NGO/Foreigner's intention is to gisgrace SL and
    it's female, he had published these photos every where, through web, emails etc.
    Looks like the NGO had taken all the attempts to promote these photos.

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