Friday, June 10, 2011

Srilankan girls photo

Some girls are very beautiful when they are as it is naturally. Most of the
time when you over make-up or too fashionated, you become more than a girl
and that is a devil looking creature. All girls are beautifull and it is not
needed to do unneccessary things to become pritty.

Sri Lankans are all over the world and they have been achieved in to
many top level positions in many fields. This is one girl that
achieved a top position. I think this is not a bad thing. Even
american girls are trying to become a playboy model, and among them,
she was successfull in her effort.

This blog is dedicated to Sri Lankan female Models, but occationally we will
post couple models also.

Generally Sri Lankan girls are not blond, they are black heads. Why in US they say blonds are stupid. I've seen in many films and comedy dramas (english) blonde girls are used for supid

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